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klub retro was founded by Scott Thomas when he was just 23 back in 2003. The story however actually started a year before this:
Scott had just graduated from Griffith University at the end of 2002 and had decided to head back to the land of his birth to drink beer and watch some football. Setting up camp in Fulham, London Scott soon found himself grinding out the 9-5 and thinking about his not too distant Greek Islands holiday to get him through the day. It was in May of that year that his good friend Jason had moved to London and they had decided to shack up together as it were. This brought with it many nights of drinking beer and eating Hollywood Chicken at 2am in the morning. However, this wasn't all bad as during one of these late sessions klub retro in its infancy was born.
These late night sessions brought about many a t-shirt idea. Inspired by their love of vintage tees bought from their local Urban Outfitters store Scott and Jason started to reminisce about some of the great times that the 80s had to offer. Scott didn't want to waste these ideas and soon began to write them down with a view to one day printing them onto t-shirts for all to enjoy. These ideas continued until the start of 2003 at which time Scott dedided to move back to Australia.
Faced with the prospect of getting another 9-5 grind Scott set about setting up the klub retro foundations. The name klub retro had been decided upon and it was full steam ahead. A local manufacturer was found as well as a printer and the klub retro dream was like a runaway steam train as it were. After many anxious months of waiting for the end product the klub retro bowling range had arrived which consisted of a range of 12 retro tees. It was straight down to the local Southbank markets for a period of 3 weeks selling in the chilly Winter winds. The response was good which inspired Scott to hit up some big name stores to see if they wanted to stock the label. This proved to be a success with the likes of Universal Store and Funkidori to soon start selling klub retro in their stores.
By the start of 2003 the earliest website had been born. Inundated with requests from customers to buy online it was 6 months later that the basic store had arrived. Impressed by the concept of online selling Scott soon progressed to selling on ebay. 2004 saw a successful year of selling on ebay and the klub retro range was growing all the time. 2005 and 2006 saw steady growth and online presense through selling online through ebay and the online store. klub retro tees also started popping up all over the place with millions of viewers seeing the BMX Bandits tee on Big Brother.
2007 and 2008 proved to be massive in the world of klub retro. Scott had picked up another design award and was buzzing with klub retro fever. As a result of this the range of tees and hoodies continued to grow at a rapid rate. By mid 2007 it was decided that new online store was needed. The new and improved had arrived and the customers loved it.
2010 is looking to be a great year as klub retro changes and evolves all at once. The klub retro team has decided that the online store is once again overdue for a facelift. Prices will be lowered and there's going to be a whole load more prints available for purchase. Look out for the great new range of Australiana tees to hit the online store. Stay tuned.........