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Scotty Thomas Scott, also known as Scotty Tee and Scotty Ray Cyrus amongst other names, is the man living the klub retro dream. He started the dream all the way back in 2003 when he threw some ideas together and printed them on some t-shirts. The dream is still going to this very day and could possibly be one of the longest sleeps in history. Scotty grew up in Brisbane, Australia after his parents had emigrated from the old dart when he was just a wee grasshopper. Growing up in the Sunshine State saw many highlights for the youngster with the 82 Commonwealth Games, Expo 88 and a weekly Skateway visit with $2 spending money being some of the highlights. Scott is often found alone on his bean bag thinking about days gone by and in particular the decade he wants to marry. Scott is a big fan of country music, which is often dissed from time to time, but he stays strong for the cause. He also has a very large obsession for everything Vanilla Ice, he is often heard referring to him as God. Scott is also often found crying himself to sleep and mourning the loss of his mullet, he hopes to grow it back one day. However, you can bet everything he does in life is related to klub retro somehow.....which can only be a good thing. Thong Vu The Vu as he is known around town, has been with klub retro since the beginning. He is the go to man, the man you ask when you need to know the answer to a question fast. Thong says the reason why everyone asks him the tough questions is because 'I used to love watching Sale of the Century when growing up, I actually watched the show when a lot of my mates just watched Alice Platt. Thong is in charge of pattern making and assembly of our garments, we keep a taser gun close by which helps him to keep on schedule. In Thong's spare time he likes to play football (Fernando Torres is a god he tells us which we agree with), read books and go for runs. He is just an all round top bloke, respect to the man. Mr Squiggle Having been unemployed since 1999 Mr Squiggle was very keen to get back into the workforce. This proved to be ideal because we were very eager to find someone with unbelievable drawing skills for designing purposes. Thus, it was a match made in heaven and Mr Squiggle, or Mister as he is known around the office, became a valued member of the team. Mister is an expert in the graphic design field and boasts 40 years experience. We often just hand him a scribble or two on a piece of paper and Mister does the rest it really is a time saver for us. We also often see his assistant Blackboard pop up in the office telling Mr Squiggle to 'hurry up' for no apparent reason. Mr Squiggle enjoys going on long space walks and loves nothing better than going on hot dates with a certain Miss Jane. Mr Squiggle and Miss Jane have been courting for a number of years now and Mister tells us that he has plans to pop the question sometime this year. He hopes to take her on a nice long spacewalk to the moon for their honeymoon but it's all very hush hush at the moment.