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We give a sizing chart on each item page. Be sure to check it out and measure up to see if the size is right for you. If you ever have any doubt we always suggest that you go up a size just to be on the safe side. Our model shots are always a pretty good representation of how well something fits

Here's a guide: Here`s is a guide how to take a t-shirt or hoodie measurement. Simply lay the garment down flat and measure it from the armpit to armpit. Whilst you're at it you can also take the down centreback measurement which will give you all the measurements you need.
Height & Width of T-Shirt
Womens Sizing
The measurents for womens tees and hoodies is the same deal. Lay your favourite tee or hoodie out and take the measurements and compare them to the sizing below. The below is a guide and may not 100% accurate. Please allow for some variance from time to time.
Womens t-shirt: Women T-Shirt Mesurement
Mens Sizes 
Here's a rough guide to our Mens sizing. Tees and hoodies can vary sligthtly from time to time.
Mens t-shirt: Men's T-Shirt Measurement
Kids Sizes
We only stock a small number of kids tees but the range is growing all the time. The sizing below is approximate but gives you a good indication on how the tees will fit. The tees are true to size meaning if your kid is 2 years old our size 2 tees will fit a 2 year old.
Kids t-shirt:
Kids T-Shirt